Dental Implants

Expertly-Performed Dental Implants in Glen Burnie, MD

Dental Implants Glen Burnie, MDDentists have used dentures in various forms for centuries to replace teeth lost to injury or decay. But even modern dentures have downsides – they can slip, keep you from eating certain foods, and do not always look natural. For these reasons, Glen Burnie Family Dental offers the latest in tooth replacement – dental implants.

Although artificial, dental implants appear identical to your original teeth and are custom-made for your individual mouth. Our doctors can set you up with an implant for a single missing tooth or even implants for your entire mouth. In other words, these implants are a great alternative to partial or full dentures!

These dental implants are not removable, so you eat, brush, floss, and sleep with them. They are amazingly stable and the next best thing to natural teeth.

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