Dental Veneers

Resolve Multiple Dental Cosmetic Problems at Once

Dental Veneers in Glen Burnie, MDVeneers are one of the most versatile offerings in cosmetic dentistry, and a solution that we use often here at Glen Burnie Family Dental. The reason is that veneers can help with a number of minor to moderate appearance issues, providing you with the smile you want. For example, a set of veneers can:

  • Help close undesirable, large gaps between teeth
  • Assist in hiding deep staining or yellowed teeth
  • Cover minor cracks and chips

You should also know that receiving veneers from our doctors is a comfortable procedure. We will make a custom set of veneers for you, then gently prepare the front surface of your teeth. Using special adhesive, we permanently bond the veneers to provide you with an outstanding smile. There is no need for surgery!

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